It will be the age that you are suddenly searching. Everyone who is now 27 is so different. One person makes a world trip, the other already has two children. Then you have one that is still studying or is still employed in the job. It is so bizarre that we are at an age when everyone is different.

Until your 18th you are all pretty much the same. You go to school, you are busy with your friends, you choose a study or take a break. Until you are about 18 years old everyone is equal and you do not realize how different the future is going to be for you and your (old) school friends.

Every one’s way

Immediately after studying my HAVO diploma, I got my Communication & Media propedeuse in Groningen and was then admitted to my dream study Art Management at the Utrecht School of the Arts. I moved to Utrecht and made a new start there.

My friends from Groningen stayed in Groningen, went traveling, moved to Amsterdam or went to work. I found it difficult to notice that everyone went his own way. Kind of letting go of the familiar nest and making your own career. I was also very excited about it, so I tried to let go of it and go my own new way.

I immediately lived together in Utrecht. It was difficult to find a home and together with my (then) girlfriend we got a nice studio that we could pay well. She brought me to my training the first day. I found it scary and I had to camp two days immediately. With people I did not know, some of them looked like 30 and OMG … how do I make new friends? Is that still possible if you are in the 20s?
My friend pushed me into the school building and there began my new beginning …

Work, work, work

I have been graduating for a number of years, but often I have to think back to that moment. It felt like a new era. Fortunately, I soon had very nice friends and even though I only had a class of 10 people, we had the greatest fun.

I did my study whistling and I got a 9 for my graduation assignment. I could not stand my luck, especially since I had already received a contract with Endemol Nederland in my last year. I did an internship with television and after months (and extra months) work I was allowed to stay.

With school I could arrange that I could both graduate and work. My life consisted only of these two, but I wanted to do everything I could to tackle them well.

It was a kind of stability. After graduation I had to say goodbye to the familiar litter again. I found it less difficult than at the Havo, because I was ready to make a career. Maybe it was easier because I had already built a new litter at Endemol. I immediately went to work and after my diploma I flew to NYC for the recordings of Holland’s Next Top Model. No longer as a trainee, but just as a producer. It was so nice to be recognized.

And then you are suddenly 27 …

Now, years later, I am suddenly 27. And I feel like I no longer have a familiar nest. No school, no permanent job, but me (me myself and I) is my own boss. I am the entrepreneur, the employer and the employee. That is delicious but also so scary. No more lunch with colleagues who complain about my food trays. I do not have a 4-hour break because then, normally, the coffee time is with my colleagues.

I am eternally grateful that I have worked so hard and in April 2016 I dared to take the step to work for myself. The deepest jump I have ever made. For the first time, only standing on your own feet. No friend, just me myself and I and it felt like I could handle the whole world.

Yet sometimes there are times when you do not know it all. My mother says that you change most between the ages of 20 and 30 and I certainly believe that. What I have experienced, you can write a book about it. But now? What’s the next step? Should there be a next step, or is it fine now what I do day in and day out? No idea what I want, how, when, why …

“Ah .. it will be the age!”