February 18th 7:45am, The Bosbaan Olympic Rowing Training Centre. We, the trainers that are going to host this event, all stand inside the gym, it’s really going to happen, you can feel the tension. This is where our first “Train The Trainers” external event will take place.

Everything is set up and ready to go, just some last minute adjustments and then the first attendee’s will arrive…, and arrive they do. Some have come from Belgium, others locally from Amsterdam.

After a short introduction, we split the group into two, one theory, one practical, this is how it will stay for the duration of the two days, with the exception of our little surprise at the end.

And so, we begin.

The first day is based more on how to move for the beginner trainee/ client, and helping them to move better.

The nervousness fades and the excitement of actually being able to share what we are so passionate about kicks in, we manage to hold ourselves back as the day isn’t over and there is yet another full day to come. The attendee’s are switched every hour with a 15 minute break between. We cover a host of topics from Posture to Abdominal training, theory and practical, practical and theory, in total, 6 hours of learning and doing. The group starts to relax a little and the questions start to come, we answer as best we can, with the hope that they will find it useful and more importantly, practical. We also learn some new bits of information from the group which is always welcome.

We delve deeper and deeper into the grey area that we, as coaches/ trainers must work within, giving context and definition, looking subjectively whilst being objective, so that we can give quality training/ coaching to our clients/ members.

The first day comes to a close and we say goodbye to some, as it was only possible for them to come for that day. We make it clear that we would like to hold this event again so that they don’t miss out on the second day.

Day 2, and everyone is a little more relaxed, there are some new faces and introductions, then we get straight to it.

Today is about when the client can move and has established a good baseline to work from, we make sure to explain that this is entirely individual to the client, due to reasons that stem from structure to stress, sleep, injury, lifestyle factors and so on, we must take all this into account when designing programs for them.

4 more hours in total of theory and practical, then lunch…..Then the grand finale, putting it all together!

Starting with a dynamic warm-up to gauge the client. Correcting and cueing ensues, looking for good form and of course playing a little, as it should be fun. The workout begins and the group really comes together and starts to gel, helping each-other, giving corrections and we can see improvements already. More questions, and more movements, more coaching, more cueing, more smiles.

The day ends with a high and we hope that everyone takes something away from these two days, we know we have, and we will evaluate and improve on this.

Thank you again to all those that attended, we really are grateful that you took the opportunity and time to come and be with us.

Thanks again to Lululemon for sponsoring us with our training gear, your clothes are just too good. Thanks to Vondelgym for helping us with social media and supporting us in this endeavor. And of course, thanks to the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Roeibond (KNRB), for letting us host the event there.

Until next time! 😉

Foto’s door Anieka van Leeuwarden


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