Sigrid Koolhaas: “I am a woman, a sportswoman.

Have you ever heard that you are becoming too muscular? Or do you regularly wonder whether you still feel feminine? ‘Stronger than your boyfriend’ is a campaign that we started with Arie Boomsma (Vondelgym) to combat body shaming. This video series is about femininity, beauty ideals and the love for training. Every week a new episode appears in which a strong woman takes center stage. We kick off the video series with Sigrid Koolhaas , ‘the queen of CrossFit’.

She is only 1.63m tall, weighs 70 kilos and deadlift 125 kilos without dropping a drop of sweat. Sigrid was once a professional gymnast, but when her sister came home enthusiastically from a CrossFit lesson she decided to try this sport as well. And with success! Meanwhile, she and her team (The Dutch) have represented the Netherlands during the international competition The Games. This world championship is the highest achievable tournament in the field of CrossFit. But this Sigrid has achieved even more successes in addition to gymnastics and CrossFit, because in 2015 she was also allowed to call herself Dutch Champion weightlifting.

Give this power woman the honor to launch with us the new video series ‘Stronger than your Boyfriend’. Take a look and be inspired!

Women’s Health

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