Milou de Winter: “Being strong means to me that I surprise myself with what I can do.”

Have you ever heard that you are becoming too muscular? Or do you regularly wonder whether you still feel feminine? ‘Stronger than your boyfriend’ is a campaign that we started with Arie Boomsma (Vondelgym) to combat body shaming. This video series is about femininity, beauty ideals and the love for training. Every week a new episode will appear online in which a strong woman is central. This week Milou de Winter .

Milou de Winter did not opt ​​for a job at an office, but for a job in the gym, after studying Sociology and Public Administration. She started as a crossfit trainer at the Vondelgym. In the gym she finds her happiness when she makes progress and breaks her personal records. Milou: “I find it special to surprise myself with what I can.” Her many training has led to a strong physical. Something that does not go unnoticed, she gets questions from boys about her body and how she has become so broad. Wondering what she thinks of it? Take a look at the fourth edition of STYB with Milou de Winter.

Want to see more episodes? Every Wednesday a new video of this series appears online. So keep an eye on the STYB channel or check out the first episode and the ‘making of’ via the links below to see which strong women make their appearance even more.

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Stronger than your Boyfriend is a collaboration between Women’s Health and Vondelgym.