Whether for charity or team building, collectively participating in a sports event is highly recommended. Together you take on the hard route of adversity and success. This will create an unbreakable bond between employees. Not to mention the feeling of euphoria when you cross the finish line together. The Vondelgym is looking forward to setting you up with the necessary, specially made training for these kinds of tough events.


Several major running events in and around Amsterdam have special business sections in their races. “De Dam tot Dam loop” and the classic “Amsterdam Marathon” for example. Participating together as an organisation is a great way to experience your active side!

In addition to these major events, in the area of Amsterdam, there is a large selection of smaller runs anywhere from five kilometers up towards half marathons. The small scale and typical Dutch (Oer-Hollands) runs appeal more to the recreative runner. Depending on the event, a training course will be set. Regularly consisting of a trainings schedule course for longer runs (up until 20 weeks) and a shorter course for shorter runs (around 5 weeks).

Obstacle runs

Obstacle running is one of the fastest growing sports within the Netherlands. During an obstacle run you traverse an obstacle course filled with water, mud and obstacles. It’s all about the experience and teamwork. Some of the obstacles require teamwork to complete! This will provide a great team building experience. Popular obstacle runs are the Strong Viking Run, Mudmasters and Fischermans Friend Strongman run. Obstacle run events require endurance as well as strength. We have trainers that have designed specialized obstacle run trainings for any group.

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