Unfortunately we don’t include week passes. However day-passes are available. You could choose to purchase a day pass every time you enter the gym or subscribe and immediately unsubscribe. Due to the month notice you will be subscribed for one month.

Yes, provided you are injured and have a doctor’s note or are pregnant. The pause may only last up until 6 months with a minimum of 1 month. This does mean you can’t pause your subscription for long holidays. In this case you will have to choose between terminating the subscription or staying subscribed. Please note that there is a one month notice and our waiting list can last up to 2 months.

Yes, if you have any questions regarding personal training please send an email to: trainthertrainers@vondelgym.nl Here we can tell you which trainers are available and at hourly rates.

The waiting list for both locations is approximately one month. There is no waiting list for Speelkwartier and Rookies.

Yes, log in at the website, click on the small triangle at the top right part of then on information club account, and then on payments in the top right corner. Re-enter your password and you will have access to your invoices.

Yes we do! When your partner is already a member with a full member, please provide us 'proof' that you and your partner live on the same address and are in a relationship with each other (so no roommates) . As soon as you're subscribed send us a mail to office@vondelgym.nl, make sure to include your and your partners name. Your partner will only pay 52,50 euro's a month.

Yes, the swimmingpool is owned by a (befriended) company and is expected to open around springtime, members of the Vondelgym will get a discount. 10 fare pass (valid for 3 months) €150,- or a 30 fare pass (valid for 9 months) €400.- €40,- a month to access the pool once a month.

When you are a Vondelgym member you can subscribe through Virtuagym.

Yes they may, only in the offie-hours

Regular membership 7:00-23:00 Off peak membership 7:00-18:00 Office-hours membership 9:00-17:00 Running membership Only applicable for running classes Outside of these hours the subscription that you choose is not valid. For example: If there is a class at 17:30 and you have an off peak membership, you will not be able to participate, as you will be in the gym after 18:00.

There are multiple ways to unsubscribe: By our website: log in, go to information clubaccount > products, click on your membership and select "end subscription". From that point onward there will be a one month cancellation period. By app: go to "my club", select "Mij Club account', press the arrow next to "bookings' and select 'my products'. Here you'll find the option to end your subscription. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email. If you have not received your confirmation email please try again. Please not that we have a 1 month cancellation period. From the date you unsubscribe you will still pay membership for the oncoming month. For instance: if you cancel on the 15th of April, your subscription will run until May 31st. You may still make use of your Vondelgym subscription until the end of that month. Please note there's a waiting list at Vondelgym Overtoom. Even if you temporarily unsubscribe you will end up on the waiting list when you resubscribe.