Over Franziska Lancaster

Growing up as a dancer, movement has always been a huge part of Franziska’s life. Her passion for movement led her to study in the UK and graduate with a Bachelors in Contemporary Dance. During her studies she collaborated in 3 major projects which allowed her curiosity for movement to further develop. Franziska studied various forms of Movement Therapy such as the Klein and Alexander Technique, Yoga and myofascial release.

Franziska was first introduced to Yoga 9 years ago and in 2012 her love for the practice led her to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Amsterdam.

In October 2012 she discovered CrossFit in Amsterdam the Netherlands. She immediately became interested in how Yoga could support CrossFit and straight away began to explore all the possibilities. After 1 year of self exploration Franziska was asked to teach Mobility and Yoga classes to numerous facilities in Amsterdam. Over the past year she has been developing a method which focuses on key aspects of Yoga, mobility and movement patterns.

Franziska recently returned from Kuwait in the Middle East after spending 9 months setting up and running the yoga and mobility program for two separate Crossfit boxes.

Franziska is one of the first females in Kuwait to establish a consistent Yoga program both for men and women separately. She has been noted as a pioneer in this field.

Franziska currently works at Vondelgym in Amsterdam, where she initiated the Yoga and Mobility program ‘Yoga_Mob’.

She is passionate about growing the Yoga and Mobility community in and around Amsterdam and sees great potential for growth.


Franziska’s Yoga classes are based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system which has its roots in Ancient India. She uses specific movement patterns with a key emphasis on the breath, alignment and flow.

Franziska draws inspiration for her Mobility classes from her background in circus arts, dance and other movement practices.

Franziska has also been weightlifting for 2 years and with this in mind, she works on allowing for both practices to work in symmetery, ultimately creating a more well rounded Athlete.

Franziska believes that both disciplines are a body and mind practice which helps us to be present in the body.

Franziska works with giving individual modifications where needed and hands on adjustments to allow each student to gain a deeper understanding of their body. Franziska places key emphases in providing each student with the tools necessary to ultimately build their own practice, through exploration of the body.

“Growing up as a dancer, movement has always been a huge part of Franziska’s life”.

Email: ziska19875@gmail.com
Telephone: 0683232191