2024 CrossFit Games Open Amsterdam

2024 CrossFit Games Open Amsterdam

The CrossFit Games Open will take place between February 29th and March 18th.

In Amsterdam, we will host the 3 Open workouts in all our Saturday and Sunday CrossFit classes during those weeks.

The “Friday Night Lights” event will take place every week at Vondelgym South!

There will be two time slots you can sign up for in Gymly a week in advance, 16:00-18:00 and 18:00-20:00. The slots are capped at 30 members each, but we can potentially increase the capacity Friday mornings if the announced workouts allow it.

You are only eligible to join the Friday NightLights event if you’re officially registered for the competition through the CrossFit Games website!

For any questions regarding the event, refer to our FAQ:

Which affiliate should I sign up for?

Sign up for Vondelgym South! That’s where we’re running our main event. It’s nice to have the whole Amsterdam community under one roof. If you signed up for West or East, we of course will still validate your scores. We will create and post a custom leaderboard that includes all the Amsterdam locations.


When can I do the Open at Vondelgym Amsterdam?

If you prefer a competitive and empowering environment do the workouts with us during the Friday Night Lights events every week in south. You can also do them in all our Saturday and Sunday CrossFit classes.


Do I have to be signed up officially for theOpen if I want to join the Friday Night Lights event in south?

Yes. If you’re not officially registered for theOpen you cannot join Friday nights.


Do I have to be signed up officially for theOpen if I want to join the Open workout in the Saturday or Sunday classed?

No, you can also join if you are just wanting to give the workout a shot. However, members who are officially competing will get preference over space and equipment.


I don’t have a membership anymore but I want to join Friday night, is that possible?

Yes, however spots are very limited. You can buy a day pass and try to snag a spot, but you have to be quick and a bit lucky to get one.


Can I do the Open workouts outside of class?

Yes, but be sure to have a judge, maintain all the standards and not disturb any classes in the making.


I couldn’t get a spot in class but I really want to do the Open workout with the group. Can you let in someone extra?

You can text the coach that’s teaching, asking if they think they can let an extra person in for that particular workout. Potential exemptions can only be made for members who are officially signed up for the Open.


Which affiliate do I submit the score under?

Just the affiliate you did the workout at. If it was Friday night in south put south. If it was Saturday morning in class in east put east. We validate scores coming in for all locations.


I’m doing one Open workout in another country, can you watch my video and validate my score?

No. If you do a workout at another gym, you just put that gym as the affiliate you did your workout at when uploading your score. They will validate your performance. Ideally, chat to the affiliate manager there when doing this just to be sure they validate your score when it comes in. You will still be on the leaderboard of your home affiliate, even if you did all three workouts at other gyms.


Who should I put as my judge, does it have to be someone who did the judges course?

Just the person that judged you. It could literally be anyone. Only for athletes who plan on competing in quarterfinals we advise to have someone judge them who did the judges course. For everyone else it doesn’t matter.


Does Vondelgym upload my score?

No, you have to submit that yourself before the deadline.


I don’t see my score on the leaderboard yet,can you validate it?

Affiliate managers have about 2 days time after the score submission deadline to validate scores. We often wait until they are all in and then validate them. If your score is still pending, we’ll get to it.


Do I have to do the Open RX?

No, there’s 3 variations of each workout: RX, scaled and foundations. You can pick the level that suits you on each workout.


Do I need to film my Open workout?

No, most people don’t. It’s only necessary if you plan on qualifying for semifinals. In the individual category you’d have to be in the top 40 of athletes in your region for that. Anyone else’s videos will not be checked.